Welcome to Axoscape!


We are excited to introduce Axoscape to the BIM community!

Axoscape brings you the highest quality of services when it comes to Building Information Modeling (BIM), CAD, Virtual Construction, Visualization and As-builts.

Some may have known us as we transitioned from “Plans While You Wait” to Axoscape in order to provide a broader range of services, services that you, our customer, have been asking for.

Sample of an Axonometric

Axo comes from the term “axonometric” which was a way of representing 3d drawings on paper so that different sides of an object are represented in their accurate lengths (vs foreshortened or perspective).

Combining a portion of the term with “scape”, which represents city-scape or the landscape of built form for which we build buildings gives us Axoscape!

We are looking forward to bringing to you, a whole new level of services in the BIM arena!



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Phone. +832.604.7462