Building Information Modeling
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Why do I need it?

What is BIM?

        Building information modeling has captivated the attention of the AEC industry, some hailing it as this generation’s version of what CAD was in the 1960’s. What makes BIM important and distinctive from its CAD origins, is the “I” in BIM, the information.

        This new advancement breathes contextual insight to unintelligent lines and gives shape in the way of 3D models. No longer do lines only graphically represent walls, windows, and doors. With BIM, walls are walls, doors are doors, windows are windows. Each with their inherent traits programmatically integrated within their models. Having every element take on the role of their real world counterparts, give unprecedented accuracy with exercises of material take offs, quantities, energy analysis and sun studies.

         Building Information Modeling has become the defacto tool in design, construction, and engineering for the AEC industry. BIM is widely recognized for expediting the design workflow, mitigating construction risks and errors, and producing faster and more accurate builds. As a result, more general contractors and building owners are adopting BIM and making it a requirement. 

What's in it for me?

How Axoscape can help.

       Axoscape is dedicated to being on the forefront of all things BIM related. We are fixated with keeping our techniques and methods on the bleeding edge of the ever evolving nature of BIM.  

       Whether you haven’t made the jump to BIM yet, have client that requires BIM, or are a seasoned BIM veteran in need of some extra hands to meet a deadline, Axoscape has you covered.

        Contractors, if you are interested in mitigating risk, BIM should be no stranger to you.  Whether you need coordination consulting, an as-built model to roll out to your subs, or a point cloud.  We've done it and will do it for you.

        If you’re a subcontractor that requires BIM services Axoscape is a great asset.  We represent a vast array of different trades in the electric, plumbing, unistrut, HVAC fields and reliably and accurately assisted clients through BIM requirements producing shop drawings that make installation easier and more efficient.

        With Axoscape you can be assured that all your BIM requirements will be met with expertise and efficiency.  

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